Gurudwara Richardson

Visiting The Gurdwara

The Gurdwara is open to all devotees and visitors. No one is barred from entry on the basis on gender, caste, creed, color, religion or race.

Gurdwara Protocol

  • Remove your shoes and put them in the shoe racks
  • Wash your hands
  • Men’s and Women’s rest rooms are located at the back of Main Lobby
  • Cover your head with your handkerchief or you may use piece of cloth provided by the Gurdwara
  • Please keep your head covered during rest of your visit

What to do in the Darbar Hall (prayer Room)

  • If it is the first time in the day that you are entering the prayer hall, it is customary to acknowledge the Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh scripture)
  • Everyone sits cross-legged on the carpet in the prayer hall irrespective of their status as a sign of equality
  • Sit on the appropriate side of the prayer room
  • Backs should not be turned on the Guru Granth Sahib or the soles of the feet pointed towards the Sikh holy book when sitting on the carpet

What you see in the Darbar Hall (prayer room)

  • Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh Holy Scripture)
  • Cantors singing hymns or a religious preacher giving a religious sermon

End of prayer service

  • Religious prayer known as Anand Sahib
  • Ardas (Prayer) where everyone stands up
  • After Ardas everyone sits down and Hukamnama (Daily Hymn from Guru Granth Sahib) is read
  • Visitors will usually be offered Kara Parshad (sugar, wheat flour and ghee based) in the worship hall, which is usually given in cupped hands

Langar Hall

  • Any person can take part in langar, the free community kitchen and meal prepared by volunteers and typically served in the gurdwara after services
  • Wash your hands before and after taking langar
  • Take a plate and what ever items you wish to eat and how much you wish to eat
  • Please do not waste food and take second serving of any item you wish to